Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marking World Read Aloud Day with a great invention from Solana Vista Elementary!

My kids go to Solana Vista Elementary in Solana Beach CA. Today is "Inventors Fair" day at the school, with amazing inventions from Kindergarteners thru Third Graders. To celebrate Read Aloud Day I would love to introduce you to London Gilbert, a third-grader at the school, and her fantastic invention: - an app that allows you to listen to friends or relatives that are far away reading a book to you!
In her own words:

"I made the Readingmate because some kids want relatives or friends to read to them when they aren't nearby and at the time aren't able to read to them.  For example, if a child's Mom or Dad is in in the military, or if they want a Grandparent, Parent, or sibling on vacation to read to them, they wont be able to do so.
My idea is to make a clip with a QR code on it.  The QR code would take you to this website where your relatives or friends can record themselves reading and you can hear your relative or friend reading to you.  This would help people by making it easier for people to have friends and realtives who are not nearby read to them."

Check out her creation at

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