Monday, October 13, 2014

Highlights Magazine "Draw with a Purpose" illustrators retreat

Luciana Illustration was invited to a fantastic weekend in Boyds Mills, Pennsylvania by Highlights Magazine at the end of September. About 30 illustrators from around the US and Canada all converged to the beautiful (and Fall-colored) headquarters of Highlights Foundation to learn more about the history of this amazing publisher and company. We also learned great tips about Hidden Pictures by master illustrator Tim Davis who has done more than 550 hidden pictures illustrations for them. Getting to know and hanging out with all these immensely talented illustrators and a lot of the Highlights staff was the icing on the cake. The food was all local and delicious, the grounds and lodging comfortable and charming, and the opportunity to spend a weekend with peers was just priceless. Illustration is such a lonely endeavor that we sometimes forget that there are others out there just like us - it was such a treat to share portfolios and tips and techniques with all the group (there was even an illustration celebrity among us, the great Robert Neubecker) not to mention how fun it was to chat with the folks from Highlights and get to hear their stories. Here are some photos from this unforgettable "Draw with a Purpose" weekend!

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